We , as CCN Group, have been at the forefront of serving our country with the investments made in the construction and healthcare sectors, by developing constructing and now operating Ankara City and Mersin City Hospitals including all clinical, general and technical services. With CCN security, we aim to be innovative in the service industry, open to technological developments, effectively manage human resources, keep employee and customer satisfaction at the highest level.

In addition to eating, drinking and shelter, which are the basic needs of human life, unfortunately, the concept of security has become one of the most important needs in our world, which is becoming more and more insecure every day.

In our changing and developing world, besides life and property security, our companies and institutions are constantly changing and developing and consequently information security is changing everyday with new elements that pose a threat to the. Security expenditures of States, Institutions, companies and people for their own life and property are increasing day by day.

CCN Security company, which was established within CCN Group, has taken its place in the sector with confident steps by keeping the customer and customer satisfaction at the highest level, effectively managing the professional human resource and technological advancements in the sector.

CCN Security uses the changing and developing technologies for its effective security service, which adds value to its services with its training activities that produce services at home and abroad. It takes firm steps towards its goals in becoming a leading company in its sector with its special focus in cyber security.

We will continue to increase the values and achievements we have preserved without compromising to date, together with my colleagues who will carry us forward and with their determination and translation to reach their targets that are firmly bound by the principles that strengthen from the past.

With a more peaceful and safe world wish;