To be a company that;

Operating both in Turkey and worldwide with a global vision,
With high reputation,
With the power of young energy and creativity,
With the purpose of an innovative approach,
With the family spirit of employee,
Creating difference and value in using new technologies, in efficiency and accumulation of information;
Providing permanent superiority in the fields of activity by using the information provided by science and global management realities,
Meets current and potential security needs with qualified human resources and innovative security concepts and systems and being reliable.


As CCN ÖZEL GÜVENLİK Hizmetleri AŞ, through its expert staff, to have a voice in the physical and electronic security systems, cyber security, education and close protection services of both public-private sector buildings and facilities in domestic and international markets and while performing these, to be a leading institution that adds value and confidence to social life by providing security services that respect human rights, freedom, law, national and spiritual values, and nature, and provide universal standards of security.